Optimization AI pricing

The Optimization AI provides a set of features optimal plans. Across these scenarios, we enable you to pay only for what you use with no upfront commitments. The API supports the following features:

Feature type Description Price per unit
Fleet Routing API Creates routes from list of orders,vehicles, resources, and constraints $0.04 per Shipment per optimization


Each feature provides distinct business value to the user. Charges are incurred per specific unit per SKU. For example, if you use Fleet Routing API you are billed for one unit of shipment.

Shipment is defined as a combination of location identifiers and load identifiers.

  • Location identifiers

    • Shipment.pickups/deliveries
      • VisitRequests.arrival_location AND VisitRequests.departure_location
      • Geocode : lat/long
      • (new) VisitRequests.arrival_waypoint AND VisitRequests.departure_waypoint
    • AND side_of_road - if the side of the road is different, it will be treated as a different shipment
  • Load identifiers

    • Shipment.Load
    • Shipment.pickups/deliveries.VisitRequest.load_demands


If you are trying to create a route with 3 shipments at 8am. You will get charged for 3 shipments. Once these shipments are recorded with requisite location and load demand identifiers, you will get charged for 3 shipments in that day. The table below illustrates this process,

Initial route at 8AM PST
Notes Shipments Pickups Deliveries Shipment.Load Demand Time windows Shipment count
New routes Shipment A Austin Warehouse Austin Shop 1 8 AM - 12 PM 1
Shipment B Bothell Warehouse Bothell Shop 2 8 AM - 12 PM 1
Shipment C Chicago Warehouse Chicago Shop 3 12 PM - 5 PM 1
Total charge $0.04/shipment per optimization X 3 shipments = $0.12

Additional optimizations incur additional charges per the pricing scheme.

The charge is based on the total number of shipments passed to the API to optimize, including Skipped shipments.

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