Sharing data

You can share your data in several ways, depending on your delivery preferences and whether you're sharing with other Looker users or with recipients outside your Looker instance.

Sharing your data

To share data from Looker, you can:

  • Create a query and immediately send the results to yourself or other people. You do not need to save the query as a Look or dashboard first.
  • Deliver a Look or deliver a dashboard immediately or on a recurring schedule in an email or to another destination. For an overview of Looker's content delivery capabilities, see the Using the Looker Scheduler to deliver content documentation page.
  • Grab any one of a series of URLs with which other Looker users can open a query or Look.
  • Download a Look or an Explore and then send the downloaded content.
  • Publish a Look with a public URL to an audience that includes people who don't use Looker, by enabling public access and sharing the Look's URL, embedding its visualization or data table into a web page and sharing the webpage's URL, or importing the Look into a Google Sheet or an MS Excel spreadsheet.
  • Deliver content to third-party services integrated with Looker using an action hub server.
  • Create an alert to receive a notification when the results of a dashboard tile reach or exceed a specified threshold.