Getting started with embedding — enabling signed embedding

Signed embedding is a way to present private embedded Looks, visualizations, Explores, dashboards, or LookML dashboards to your users without requiring them to have a separate Looker login. Instead, users will be authenticated through your own application.

Before you can use signed embedding on your Looker instance, you must enable signed embedding in the Looker Admin panel and then create an embed secret. The embed secret validates that a signed embedding request is legitimate and hasn't been forged by someone else. To enable signed embedding, follow these steps:

  1. In the Admin section of Looker, navigate to the Embed page.
  2. In the Embed SSO Authentication drop-down, if the option is set to Disabled select Enabled and then click Update.
  3. Looker will display additional Embed options.

  4. ​​To generate your embed secret key, select the Set Secret button in the Embed Secret section.
  5. If your application will be using JavaScript events passing to communicate between the iframe where Looker is embedded and the parent application, add the domain name of your parent application to the Embedded Domain Allowlist field.