Admin settings - Content access

Content access levels control which users may edit folder contents (such as Looks and dashboards), view the contents in a folder, and change folder settings. Access levels can be adjusted for each folder, as described on the Organizing and managing access to content and the Designing and configuring a system of access levels documentation pages. While folders can be adjusted from the Browse section of Looker, admins may find it easier to make changes from the Content Access page in the Users section of the Admin menu.

Finding a folder to edit

Your hierarchy of folders shows in the Folders section. Click the folder that you want to edit, or expand a folder by clicking the arrow to its left.

Adjusting access options

To adjust who can view or edit the folder, click the Manage Access button underneath the Folders section. These options are described in greater detail on the Organizing and managing access to content documentation page.

Interaction of content access and permissions

Some permissions affect the visibility and accessibility of Looks and dashboards in folders. See the Access control and permission management documentation page for details.