Admin settings - Extension Framework

The Extension Framework page in the Platform section of the Admin menu lets you enable or disable Looker extension framework options.

Extension Framework

When enabled, the Extension Framework option lets developers build and run Looker-hosted applications as well as install and run extensions from the Looker Marketplace, such as the API Explorer and the Data Dictionary. This feature is enabled by default.

When this feature is disabled, any extensions that have been installed are hidden and unavailable to users.

Developing on the Looker extension framework is free to use while in beta and will remain free for developers indefinitely. Terms and support will be finalized and introduced when this feature reaches general availability.

Pricing, terms, and other details for Marketplace content and extensions such as the API Explorer and Data Dictionary are listed within the relevant store page. Before users can install and use Marketplace extensions, a Looker admin must enable the Marketplace feature.

Enhanced Extension Loading

To address potential Content Security Policy (CSP) violations, there is a new, enhanced loading mechanism for the Looker extension framework, which includes the following changes:

  • To fix Content Security Policy (CSP) violations, HTML is generated to load an extension on the server rather than in the browser.
  • The base tag is removed, which potentially could impact custom code splitting.
  • The new loader uses a <!DOCTYPE html> preamble. This may impact components that use height: 100%;. You can mitigate this by using height: 100vh.

The enhanced loader may cause errors with existing extensions. Disable this option to use the legacy extension framework loader.