Dashboard element list

Looker has two kinds of dashboards: user-defined dashboards, which are created via the Looker UI, and LookML dashboards, which are created in dashboard.lkml files.

A dashboard contains elements, which are the data visualizations, text tiles, and buttons on the dashboard. This page discusses options for the visualizations within a LookML dashboard. For settings that affect an entire LookML dashboard, see the Dashboard LookML reference page.

The LookML parameters that can be used in a dashboard element depend upon the type of visualization that has been specified using the type parameter. Use the links below to get information about the parameters for the different visualization types.

Dashboard LookML and the model development LookML are different languages. Dashboard LookML is based on YAML, in which the number of indentations is very important. Model development LookML uses curly brackets.

An overview of LookML dashboard element types is provided on the documentation page for the type parameter.

Cartesian charts

Pie and donut charts

Progression charts

Text and tables