Admin settings - Internal Help Resources

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To help users get the most out of Looker, admins can configure a list of company-specific resources, with links to wikis, Slack channels, data dictionaries, documentation, key contact info, and other assets. Admins can use the Internal Help Resources page in the General section of the Admin menu to configure this list.

This list is accessible to all Looker users through the drop-down Help menu at the top right corner of the Looker interface.

To create a list of resources:

  1. From the Admin panel, navigate to the Internal Help Resources page.
  2. Once on the page, enable the Enable Internal Help Resources In The Help Menu toggle.
  3. Once the feature is enabled, two fields appear that can be edited:
    • A field in which to enter your organization name. This field can be populated with up to 16 characters. In the user-facing version, the first line will state Resources for Looker at and the name you entered.
    • A field in which to enter your list of resources. The text in this field can be styled using Markdown. You can expand or contract the size of the field by clicking on the lower right corner and dragging the box. Changing the size of this field does not change the size of the dialog box displayed to users.
  4. Click Save Changes once you've completed your edits. A Changes successfully saved banner will appear.

To edit your resources, follow the steps above, with the exception of toggling the Enable Internal Help Resources In The Help Menu switch.

To disable the feature, toggle the Enable Internal Help Resources In The Help Menu switch to off. Any edits you saved will remain, but the list of resources will no longer be available to users.