Admin settings - Custom welcome email

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On the Custom Welcome Email page in the Users section of the Admin menu, you can customize the body of the welcome email that is sent to new users inviting them to activate their accounts. Using HTML, you can specify custom formatting, links, and images. This can be useful, for example, when you want to provide new users with helpful information and resources to help them get started with Looker.

Enabling custom welcome emails

To create custom body content for welcome emails, navigate to Custom Welcome Email in the Users section of the Admin panel.

Switch on the Use custom HTML for welcome email body toggle on the Customize Your Welcome Email Copy page.

If the switch is turned off, Looker will display the default welcome email.

Creating a custom welcome email

When custom welcome emails are enabled, Looker displays a box with the content of the welcome email. Using HTML, you can edit the body of the welcome email by adding formatting, links, and images.

The subject line "Welcome to Looker," the heading "You've been invited to join Looker!" at the top of the welcome email, and the Activate Your Account button cannot be customized and will appear in all welcome emails. Clicking on the Activate Your Account button in the email opens the page for users to create a new account.

For a list of HTML and CSS that Looker supports, see the HTML sanitization documentation page.

Testing custom welcome emails

To test your new welcome email, save your changes by selecting Save Changes, then click the Send Test Email button at the bottom of the Custom Welcome Email page. This sends an example of your custom welcome email to the email address that is associated with your Looker account.