Configuring the LookML Diagram

The LookML Diagram is an extension — a web application built using Looker components — developed using the Looker extension framework and deployed through the Looker Marketplace. This documentation page describes the tasks that Looker admins must complete before Looker users can access and use the extension, including:

  1. Enable the appropriate features.
  2. Install the LookML Diagram extension.
  3. Grant permissions to access the LookML Diagram.

Enabling required features

Before installing the LookML Diagram from the Marketplace, Looker admins must enable these features:

  • Marketplace: To access the Looker Marketplace (enabled by default)
  • Extension Framework: To deploy extensions developed using the Looker extension framework (enabled by default)

Installing the LookML Diagram

Installing applications and tools — such as extensions — from the Marketplace requires develop, manage_models, and deploy permissions.

The LookML Diagram extension is listed in the Applications section of the Looker Marketplace. See the Using the Looker Marketplace documentation page for more detailed instructions on installing a tool from the Looker Marketplace.

After you've installed the extension, you can ensure that you always have the most updated version by going to the Looker Marketplace, clicking Manage, and clicking the Update button next to the extension.

Granting permissions to use the LookML Diagram

After the LookML Diagram is installed, a model called lookml-diagram is automatically added to the list of available models on the New Model Set and Edit Model Set pages, accessible from the Roles page in the Admin panel.

Looker admins must enable users to perform certain tasks with the LookML Diagram extension by granting permissions to the lookml-diagram model and any models the user needs to work with in the LookML Diagram. To enjoy full functionality of the LookML Diagram, users must have explore and deploy permissions. Refer to the table below for details.

Permission Depends on Extension capabilities
access_data None Users can navigate to the extension but won't be able to interact with it.
explore see_looks, access_data Users can view and interact with the diagram and can access Explores. Go to LookML links are visible but not functional. Users cannot switch or select Git branches in the Diagram Settings panel.
develop see_lookml, see_looks, access_data Users can interact with the diagram and can access LookML project files. Explore from Field links are visible but the user is directed to a page that they are not authorized to access. Users cannot switch or select Git branches in the Diagram Settings panel.
deploy develop, see_lookml, see_looks, access_data The same as with develop except that users can switch or select Git branches in the Diagram Settings panel. Users can use the extension while in Development Mode.

See the Setting permissions for Looker extensions documentation page for more information on granting users permissions to access and use extensions.