Admin settings - IP Allowlist

The IP Allowlist page lets you specify a list of IP addresses that can access your Looker instance. When the IP allowlist is enabled, your Looker instance filters IP addresses at the application level, allowing connections from only the IP addresses on the allowlist. Looker refuses connection attempts from all other IP addresses. When the IP allowlist is disabled, your Looker instance can accept connections from any IP address.

To integrate Git pull requests with any LookML projects, you need to add to the allowlist the range of IP addresses from which your Git provider makes outbound requests. For example, GitHub IP addresses are available from their meta API endpoint. IPs are subject to change and will be different for other Git providers.

The IP Allowlist page is available only for Looker-hosted instances. Customer-hosted instances will not see this option in the Admin menu. To view the IP Allowlist page, from the Server section of the Admin menu, select IP Allowlist.

The IP Allowlist page lists the rules that you use to configure which IP addresses and subnet masks can access your Looker instance. Each rule also defines whether users from those IP addresses can log in only from the Looker UI, only from the Looker API, or from both sources.

In addition to viewing existing IP allowlist rules, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Enable or disable the IP allowlist with the Enable Allowlist switch. When the allowlist is active, only users from listed IP address can connect.
  • Define a new rule, which adds more IP addresses to the allowlist.
  • Enable, disable, edit, or delete an existing rule.

Certain action hub features such as the Slack integration and OAuth-enabled actions do not work when the IP allowlist is enabled.

Adding your IP address

If the IP allowlist has no rules defined, as when you first access the list, Looker will display two alerts:

  • A tooltip next to the Enable Allowlist switch displays a warning icon.
  • A note reading Your IP address is not allowlisted appears next to the switch.

Select the Your IP address is not allowlisted text to obtain your detected IP address. Select Add Rule to add your IP address to the allowlist by using the following instructions.

Adding a new rule

Select Add Rule to add an IP address or a range of addresses to the allowlist. Looker displays the New IP Allowlist Rule dialog. To add a new rule, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter a name for the new rule in the Label field.
  2. Enter a range of approved IP addresses in the IP Range field using an IP address and a subnet mask, as described in CIDR notation.
  3. Specify whether the new rule applies only to login attempts from the Looker UI, only to login attempts from the Looker API, or to login attempts from both sources in the UI or API? drop-down menu.
  4. Select Save.

Adding more than 50 rules may negatively impact Looker's performance.