Admin settings - Schedules

As users navigate through folders, the listing for each Look and dashboard indicates whether they have scheduled that content.

Looker administrators and users who have the see_schedules permission can also see the Scheduler Plans page by selecting Schedules in the Alerts & Schedules section of the Admin menu, which lists information about any scheduled content that is upcoming or ongoing.

Information included

Column Definition
Name Name of the scheduled plan, with a hyperlink to the scheduled content. This column also includes the frequency with which Looker will send the scheduled content.
Owner User who owns the schedule. This is typically the user who created the schedule. However, an administrator can change the owner of a schedule. Also, an administrator can create a schedule for another user through the API.
Content Type Type of content that is scheduled, either a Look or a dashboard.
Summary Summary of a scheduled delivery's format and destination.
Recipients Address of recipients of the schedule — either an email address or a URI for webhooks.
Options Additional schedule options, including History, Reassign, and Delete.

View schedule history

To view a schedule's history, click the schedule's three-dot Options menu and select History to visit the Schedule History page, filtered for this scheduled plan.

Reassign a schedule

To reassign ownership of a schedule to another user, click the three-dot Options menu to the right of a schedule and select Reassign. You must be an administrator to reassign schedules.

Be sure to reassign ownership of a schedule before you delete or disable a user account. Make sure that the new owner has roles (permissions and model sets) plus any access filter settings needed to allow them to run the schedule successfully.

Delete a schedule

To delete a schedule, click the three-dot Options menu to the right of a schedule and select Delete. A dialog box asks you to confirm this action because it cannot be undone. You must be an administrator to delete schedules.

If all recipients unsubscribe from a scheduled email delivery, that schedule is automatically deleted from Looker and from this page.