Looker (Google Cloud core) features and entitlements

Feature Edition
  Standard Enterprise Embed
Production resource 1 1 1
Standard users 10 10 10
Developer users 2 2 2
Maximum number of users (including basic entitlements listed previously) 50 No maximum No maximum
Free upgrades to releases Yes Yes Yes
API calls per month (query-based) 1,000 100,000 500,000
Administrative API calls (per month) 1,000 10,000 100,000
VPC-SC support No Yes1 Yes1
Private IP available No Yes Yes
Customer-managed encryption keys No Yes Yes
Elite System Activity logs No Yes Yes
Custom themes No Yes Yes
Signed embedding No No Yes
Private labeling No No Yes

1 Must have Private IP usage configured to deploy VPC-SC.

End user entitlements
Access to: Developer user Standard user Viewer user
Administration interface for the instance within the Looker resource Yes2 No No
Administrative access for the instance within the Looker resource Yes2 No No
Full (read and write) access to LookML model Yes No No
View access to LookML models Yes Yes Yes
Development Mode Yes No No
Folders Yes Yes Yes
Dashboards Yes Yes Yes
Individual reports and charts Yes Yes Yes
Explores Yes Yes No
SQL Runner Yes Yes No
Scheduling Yes Yes Yes
Data filtering Yes Yes Yes
Drill to row-level detail Yes Yes Yes
Data downloading and exporting capability Yes Yes Yes
Dashboard or Look creation Yes Yes No
Looker API interfaces Yes No No

2 Each developer user must be authorized by the customer for administrative access via the admin interface of the Looker (Google Cloud core) instance.