Admin settings - General pages

These pages appear under the General section of Looker's Admin menu:

  • Settings: Set instance-wide options in Looker's general settings panel.
  • Labs: Enable and disable beta and experimental Looker features.
  • Legacy Features: Enable, disable, and prepare to migrate away from outdated Looker features. This option appears only if legacy features are available for your instance.
  • Homepage: Set a default homepage for your instance. Customize Looker's appearance, including removing links and Looker logos. This option appears only if Looker has enabled the private label feature for your instance. Contact a Google Cloud sales specialist for pricing and additional information.
  • Internal Help Resources: Configure a list of resources your company offers to support Looker users.
  • Support Access: Manage Looker analysts' access to your Looker instance.
  • Localization: Set your company's default instance locale and number format.
  • Export Configure export during self-service migration of an instance from Looker (original) to Looker (Google Cloud core). (Original-to-core migration must be enabled by Looker. Contact a Google Cloud sales specialist to enable this feature.)