Admin settings - General pages

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These pages appear under the General section of Looker's Admin menu:

  • Settings
    Set instance-wide options in Looker's general settings panel.
  • Labs
    Enable and disable beta and experimental Looker features.
  • Legacy Features
    Enable, disable, and prepare to migrate away from outdated Looker features. This option appears only if legacy features are available for your instance.
  • Homepage
    Set a default homepage for your instance. Customize Looker's appearance, including removing links and Looker logos. This option appears only if Looker has enabled the private label feature for your instance. Contact your Looker account manager for pricing and additional information.
  • Internal Help Resources
    Configure a list of resources your company offers to support Looker users.
  • Support Access
    Manage Looker analysts' access to your Looker instance.
  • Localization
    Set your company's default instance locale and number format.