Admin settings - Authentication pages

These pages appear under the Authentication section of Looker's Admin menu:

  • Passwords
    Customize password complexity requirements for users on your instance.
  • Two-Factor
    Enable two-factor authentication and synchronize time sources.
  • Google
    Configure Google OAuth using the Google API console and Looker Admin panel.
  • LDAP
    Configure Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) settings, bindings, user attribute pairing, and role mapping.
  • SAML
    Configure Looker to authenticate users using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).
  • OpenID Connect
    Configure Looker to authenticate users using the OpenID Connect protocol.
  • Sessions
    Configure options for users to stay logged in to Looker.
  • Enabling the alternate login option
    Configure the option for an alternate email login when one of these authentication methods is configured: Google OAuth, LDAP, SAML, or OpenID Connect.