Admin settings - Marketplace

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The Looker Marketplace is a central location for finding, deploying, and managing any type of Looker content, such as Looker Blocks, applications, visualizations, and plug-ins.

The Marketplace page in the Platform section of the Admin menu lets you configure settings for the Looker Marketplace.


The Marketplace option enables the Looker Marketplace. This option is enabled by default. When this option is disabled, the Marketplace icon is hidden, and users will not be able to access the Marketplace to install or manage applications.

Auto Install

The Auto Install option, when enabled, causes some Looker-built applications to automatically install and update on your Looker instance. Currently, the API Explorer is the only extension that will automatically install, but more Looker-built applications may be added in the future.

When you enable Auto Install, Looker displays the Enabling Marketplace Auto Install dialog. The dialog contains license information and a list of necessary entitlements and permissions that are required to install and run Looker-built extensions.

Select Accept on the dialog. Looker will install any Looker-built extensions that are not yet installed. Then, every 24 hours, Looker checks to see if there are any Looker-built extensions that need to be installed or updated. If there are, Looker will install the new extension or extensions and/or make any available updates to existing extensions at that time.

After you accept the license and entitlements, Looker returns you to the Marketplace page with Auto Install enabled.

If you enable Auto Install but do not enable the Marketplace option, Looker displays an error and will not run auto install until the Marketplace option is enabled.

If the Extension Framework option is not enabled, auto install will still occur but any extensions installed will not be available to users until the Extension Framework option is enabled.

Any installed Marketplace content, such as the API Explorer, can be accessed only by users who have the proper permissions and access to the associated models. For more information, see the Setting permissions for Looker extensions documentation page.

If you uninstall an auto installable application when Auto Install is enabled, the application will no longer be automatically installed and updated. To reverse this, either manually install the application again while Auto Install is enabled, or turn Auto Install off and back on again.