Cloud business leadership

Discover how Google Cloud can help you thrive as a leader in a cloud-first world. From change management and remote work productivity to getting started in the Cloud and reducing IT costs, this training can give you the tools and insights to prioritize and solve today's critical business challenges.

Cloud Digital Leader

A Cloud Digital Leader articulates the capabilities of core cloud products/services and understands how they benefit organizations.

This foundational learning path is designed for business practitioners working in the cloud. It is designed to skill up entire teams or individual practitioners with broad cloud literacy and helps prepare for the Google Cloud Digital Leader certification exam. Visit Google Cloud Skills Boost for the latest recommended role-based learning activities.


Digital Transformation with Google Cloud


Exploring Data Transformation with Google Cloud


Innovating with Google Cloud Artificial Intelligence


Modernize Infrastructure and Applications with Google Cloud


Trust and Security with Google Cloud


Scaling with Google Cloud Operations

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    Google Cloud products and service, digital transformation, IT modernization, company IT infrastructure and applications

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