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100% Renewable Energy

Google will match 100% of the energy consumed by our global operations in 2017 with renewable energy and maintain our commitment to carbon neutrality. That includes our data centers and Google Cloud. So when you choose Google Cloud Platform to run your compute, store your data and develop your applications, your digital footprint is offset with clean energy, which reduces your impact on the environment.
Reaching our 100% Renewable Purchasing Goal

Lowered Emissions

Benefits for customers
You have many things to consider in the cloud platform you choose - its price, security, openness and of course, the products available. We believe you should consider the environment too. A sustainable cloud is not only good for the environment, but good for your business.
Reduce Compute Emissions to Zero
By moving compute from a self managed data center or colocation facility to GCP, the emissions directly associated with your company’s compute and data storage will be zero.
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Be Productive and Sustainable
Businesses that switched to G Suite products like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Drive, and Meet have reported reductions in IT energy use and carbon emissions of 65% to 85%.
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Energy Efficiency, at High Speed

Less Energy Intensive Learning
Machine learning workloads require complex computations which are typically energy intensive. Google Cloud TPUs are designed with energy efficiency in mind, specifically to accelerate deep learning workloads at higher teraflops per watt compared to general purpose processors.
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For cold data that you need to retain long term, Google not only powers that storage efficiently, but efficiently serves that data at the speed of hot storage.
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Why Google Cloud Platform?

Our Commitment
In 2017 Google will reach our goal of purchasing enough renewable energy to match consumption for all of our operations globally. For each unit of electricity we will use as a company, Google will purchase an equivalent amount (or more) of renewable energy. We are also committed to maintaining carbon neutral operations.

Purchasing Energy

At Google, we have a high bar for the type of renewable energy we buy through power purchase agreements We strive to buy renewable energy from projects that are new to the grid, which will replace and reduce the amount of non-renewable energy on that grid. In fact, Google is the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy in the world.
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Google’s Renewable Energy Projects


Efficient Data Centers

The Google Cloud is built for efficiency. Most data centers use almost as much non-computing or "overhead" energy (like cooling and power conversion) as they do to power their servers. At Google we've reduced this overhead to only 12%.
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Smarter Data Centers

Google’s machine learning enables the analysis of massive amounts of operational data center data to create actionable recommendations, automated controls and 15% additional energy efficiency.
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86% Waste Diverted
36% of Servers Remanufactured
22% of Components Refurbished
50% Less Energy
1.12 PUE
50001 ISO certification

Industry Leadership

Greenpeace Report

The IT sector is a significant consumer of electricity and expected to grow exponentially into the future. How much renewable energy your Cloud provider purchases depends on who you choose. Fortunately, Greenpeace benchmarks each cloud and gave Google an A rating in 2016.
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