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Customer Overview

The digital revolution at Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty revolutionized the beauty experience to personalize product recommendations and virtual makeup try-on. To make it easy and fun to discover the right products, Ulta Beauty leverages data from its industry-leading Ultamate Rewards program to create a powerful platform for personalization.

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The Solution

Reengineering data strategy for business growth

Ulta Beauty has transformed its digital strategy to focus on delivering a next-generation guest experience. Google Cloud is helping Ulta Beauty to power the company’s digital transformation as it finds new ways to meet the unique needs of its guests.

Providing data-driven personalized recommendations while bringing the store experience into the home, powered by Google Cloud

Virtual Beauty Advisor, an AI-powered shopping tool, provides Ulta Beauty guests an interactive experience with data-driven personalized recommendations, which has fueled increased sales and decreased returns. GLAMLab is a virtual try-on experience which allows shoppers to test beauty products online using augmented reality.

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Technical overview

Solving for personalized guest experiences

Ulta Beauty uses Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence solutions to entice guests with deeper and more unique experiences, resulting in increased engagement in-store and online. Google Cloud AI helps the company create new tools and capabilities to help guests choose the right products with tailored recommendations and forge deeper guest connections, leading to improved guest loyalty.
Reimagining personalized beauty with transformative technology

With BigQuery, Cloud Storage, and Compute Engine, Ulta Beauty analyzes data to create a personalized guest experience. The company can access, consume, and process secure and resilient data at scale as demand grows.

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Smart analytics

Generate insights from data at any scale with a serverless, fully managed analytics platform that significantly simplifies analytics.

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