Customer Overview

Solving for confident customers

Whether it’s contracting, home repair, or hobbies, The Home Depot (THD) helps people solve problems. Online or in store, THD gives them what they need, with great service, practical knowledge, and the right tools. Running more than 600 projects in Google Cloud keeps THD at its best.


faster network

15 petabytes

data analyzed in BigQuery


stock keeping units, per store

Tell us your challenge. We can help you get solving.

The Solution

Cross-channel problem solving, efficiently

Customer-first service means shipping direct, having the right tool in store, teaching new skills, and anticipating customer needs, everywhere. THD empowers its associates with Google Cloud’s BigQuery by providing timely data to help keep 50,000+ items stocked at over 2,000 locations, to ensure website availability, and provide relevant information through the call center.

Nailing customer satisfaction

THD has 400,000 associates, 2,300 locations, and 40,000 different products bringing over $100 billion in sales annually and high customer satisfaction. How? By giving visibility to the things each customer needs, like item location within a local store, despite unique store layouts. 

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Technical overview

Streaming insight and innovation

No two Home Depots are alike, and the stock in each has to be managed at maximum efficiency. Migrating to Google Cloud, THD’s engineers built one of the industry’s most efficient replenishment systems—then figured out how to get more done, using BigQuery for streaming application performance monitoring.
Empowering an agile workforce with AI

When THD associates need to locate goods they turn to their mobile apps for in-store navigation. AI sorts out what’s needed. How cloud data renews the store experience and speeds up planning and logistics.

Google Cloud solutions

Continuous integration

Build new features faster, with better productivity and quality.

Continuous delivery

High-velocity software releases with security and quality.

Data warehouse modernization

Streamline your migration path and unlock intelligent insights with BigQuery.

Artificial intelligence

Deploy Google Cloud artificial intelligence tools to deliver personalized customer experiences.