Google Compute Engine Pricing

This page describes the pricing information for Compute Engine. To see the pricing for other products, read the Pricing documentation.

Google Compute Engine charges for usage based on the following price sheet. A bill is sent out at the end of each billing cycle, listing previous usage and charges. Prices on this page are listed in US dollars (USD).

Disk size, machine type memory, and network usage are calculated in gigabytes (GB), where 1 GB is 230 bytes. This unit of measurement is also known as a gibibyte (GiB).

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

You can also find pricing information with the following options:

Always Free Usage Limits

As part of the Google Cloud Platform Free Tier, Compute Engine offers an amount of usage that is free to use, up to a specific limit. These free usage limits are always available even during and after the free trial period. If you go over these usage limits and are no longer in the free trial period, you will be charged according to the price sheet.

  • 1 f1-micro VM instance per month (US regions, excluding Northern Virginia).
  • 30 GB of Standard persistent disk storage per month.
  • 5 GB of snapshot storage per month.
  • 1 GB egress from North America to other destinations per month (excluding Australia and China).

For f1-micro instances, you receive free usage equivalent to the number of total hours within the current month, enough to run one instance without interruption for the entire month. For example, March has 744 Hours (31 days x 24 hours). Therefore, you would receive 744 instance hours of free usage for the month.

All usage is aggregated across regions. Always Free Usage Limits are subject to change. Please see our FAQ for eligibility requirements and other restrictions.

Machine type pricing

Google Compute Engine offers two categories of machine types: predefined machine types and custom machine types. Predefined machine types have preset virtualized hardware properties and a set price, while custom machine types are priced according to the number of vCPUs and memory that the virtual machine instance uses.

Machine type billing model

The following billing model applies to all machine types, predefined or custom. The billing model also applies to several premium images that you run on Compute Engine instances.

  1. All machine types are charged a minimum of 1 minute. For example, if you run your virtual machine for 30 seconds, you will be billed for 1 minute of usage.

  2. After 1 minute, instances are charged in 1 second increments.

Predefined machine types

Google Compute Engine currently offers the following predefined machine types in the US, Europe, and Asia. Compute Engine also provides automatic discounts off these prices for sustained use. You can also use our Google Cloud Pricing Calculator to better understand price for different configurations.

Standard machine types

Iowa Oregon Northern Virginia South Carolina Montréal São Paulo Belgium London Netherlands Frankfurt Mumbai Singapore Sydney Taiwan Tokyo
Machine type Virtual CPUs Memory Price (USD) Preemptible price (USD)