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Build multi-tenant managed service (SaaS) quickly with trusted technology while providing a consistent management experience between your offering and Google Cloud.

Build and run anthos

Build SaaS with the power and trust of Google Cloud services

Capture the SaaS opportunity by creating a service that uses the full stack of visibility, operation, and control services that Google Cloud built for its own solutions. Get up and running quickly, taking a significant burden off your operation and development teams so they can focus on your core technology. Customers get consistent management and observability across your service and Google Cloud, and we offer programs through Google Cloud Marketplace to help support your success.

Saas offering on anthos

Design a trusted and integrated service

Use the tools that Google Cloud built to serve the largest enterprises in the world to deliver SaaS in a secure, reliable, and compliant fashion. Capabilities such as data protection, access control, data wipeout, and more, serve customers in regulated industries. Management and billing integrations enable a consistent experience between your service and Google Cloud.

Design with google cloud

Get to market quickly

Build your SaaS offering quickly so your customer can start using it, and free your developers to focus on building your core technology. Connect your technology to our SaaS-building components with an open API and run your service where you already have infrastructure integrations: VMs or containers, on-premises, or in the cloud.

Grow your business

Grow your business with Google

Get access to programs that help you grow your business, including co-selling opportunities and financial incentives. Partner with Google sales reps to discover, qualify, and close new opportunities and enjoy performance-based incentives. Consumption of your service counts towards customers' Google Cloud committed spend, providing additional benefit for customers.

Platform integrations

Logging and Monitoring

Customers can view your application logs and metrics in Cloud Logging and Cloud Monitoring

Google Cloud Marketplace and billing

Customers can procure your solutions from Google Cloud Marketplace and get a consolidated GCP bill

Binary Authorization

Customers can automatically verify the integrity of your service before it is deployed to their production environment

SLO monitoring

Monitor and report on service level objectives (SLO)

GKE data plane

Run your service on GKE's multi-tenant data plane with best practices

Platform integrations (coming soon)

Access control policies

Customers can manage your solution along with their cloud resources with fine-grained access control and visibility

Audit logging

Customers can view audit logs for your service in Cloud Audit Logs to answer the questions "who did what, where and when"


Google Cloud enforces quotas on your services based on your configuration. Customers can view their usage and quota of your services in the GCP Console

Tenant lifecycle management

Google Cloud manages the lifecycle events for your service tenants including creation, deletion, fleet wide management, rollout, and upgrade

Hosted API endpoint

Google Cloud hosts your control plane API endpoint and support producer-defined custom APIs

Data Residency

Customers can choose the region(s) where they want to store their service data

Organization policy

Customers can define organization policy to your resources and apply at the organization, folder, or project level

Access transparency

Customers gets near real-time logs on any administrative action or access to their data by you or Google

VPC service control

Customers can help mitigate data exfiltration risks by defining a security perimeter around both your service and GCP resources

Abuse protection

Google Cloud protects you by blocking access to your service when fraud by malicious service consumers is detected and notifies you


Google Cloud

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