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Google Workspace training

Understanding how to use Google Workspace can help each user in your organization get back 21 days per year in time savings.1   Learn how products like Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Meet help your team reimagine the way they work and how deeply they collaborate.

Workspace Business User learning path

If your organization is adopting Google Workspace, this learning path is for you. You'll learn how to secure, share and collaborate and how to customize your workflows to meet your work style.

Workspace business user to customize your workflows to meet your work style.Google Sheets Advanced TopicsGoogle CalendarGoogle SheetsGoogle SlidesGoogle Meet and Google ChatGmailGoogle DocsGoogle Drive



Learn about Gmail, Google’s cloud based email service that allows you to access your messages from any computer or device with just a web browser. Explore common actions that can be applied to a Gmail message, and how to organize your mail using Gmail labels. Discover common Gmail settings and features, and learn how to customize your Gmail Inbox to suit your way of working.

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Google Calendar

With Google Calendar, you can quickly schedule meetings and events and get reminders about upcoming activities, so you always know what’s next. Learn how to create and manage Google Calendar events. Expand your knowledge on how to create additional calendars, share your calendars with others, access other calendars in your organization, and more.

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Google Drive

Keep all your work in one place and access your files from any device using Google Drive. In this course, you will learn how to navigate your Google Drive as well as explore the sharing options available to fully leverage the collaboration capabilities of Google Workspace.

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Google Docs

Learn about Google Docs, which enables you to store your documents in the cloud and access them from any computer or device. Practice skills such as creating, editing, sharing, and customizing documents. Discover the capabilities of working in real time with others to share, edit, and iterate your documents.

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Google Sheets

With Google Sheets, you can create and edit spreadsheets directly in your web browser—no special software is required. In this course, learn the foundations of creating and formatting spreadsheets and better using your data. Explore how Google Sheets makes it easy to collaborate with your team, clients, and others wherever they are.

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Google Slides

Learn how to leverage Google Slides to create and present professional presentations for sales, projects, training modules, and much more. Explore the foundations of the tool as well as how to enhance your slides by adding tables, images, charts. Check out the many features of Google Slides that make team collaboration easy.

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Google Meet and Google Chat

In this course, learn how Google Meet and Chat can help you better communicate, exchange ideas, and share resources with your team wherever they are. Explore Google’s video conference and chat software included with Google Workspace. By the end of the course, you will be able to create and manage video conference meetings, set up chat rooms, and more.

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Google Sheets - Advanced Topics

Take your knowledge of Google Sheets to the next level. Learn more about customized themes, conditional formatting, and advanced formulas and functions. Finish by exploring data visualization options in Google Sheets, as well as how to use Google Forms to conduct quick data analysis.

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