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Hybrid and multi-cloud: Anthos and Google Kubernetes Engine

What does it mean to make your IT infrastructure hybrid and multi-cloud? Going hybrid or multi-cloud allows you to connect your on-prem infrastructure with the cloud's scalability and innovation.

In this path, you'll learn how to manage containers with Google Kubernetes Engine and Anthos, Google Cloud's open platform that lets you run your applications, unmodified, on existing on-prem hardware investments or in the public cloud.

Hybrid and Multi-cloud Cloud Architect learning path

This learning path focuses on containers, Anthos, and Kubernetes. Learn the skills needed to modernize existing applications running on virtual machines while deploying cloud-native apps on containers in an increasingly hybrid and multi-cloud world.

Architecting Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with AnthosArchitecting with Google Kubernetes EngineSKILL BADGE Deploy to Kubernetes in Google CloudHANDS-ON LABS Anthos Service Mesh


Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine

Learn how to implement solutions using Google Kubernetes Engine, or GKE, including building, scheduling, load balancing, and monitoring workloads, as well as providing for discovery of services, managing role-based access control and security, and providing persistent storage to these applications.

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Deploy to Kubernetes in Google Cloud

Get hands-on practice with Kubernetes by configuring Docker images and containers and deploying fully fledged Kubernetes Engine applications. Practice the skills needed for integrating container orchestration into your own workflow and get the chance to earn a skill badge upon completion.

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Architecting Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Anthos

Modernize, observe, secure, and manage your applications using Istio-powered service mesh and Kubernetes, whether you're on-premises, on Google Cloud, or distributed across several cloud providers. You will learn about networking, service mesh, config management, and their underlying control-planes, so you can begin to understand the full scope of the platform's capabilities.

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Anthos Service Mesh

Explore everything you need to know to introduce service mesh, and Anthos, into your next hybrid cloud project.

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    Containers, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Google Cloud IAM, Anthos, Istio, Docker, Cloud IAM, Cloud SDK, Container Registry, VPC, Resource Manager, Cloud Logging, Cloud Monitoring

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