Cloud Tasks pricing

Billable operations per month (chunked at 32KB) Price/Million
First 1 Million Free
Up to 5 billion $0.40
More than 5 billion Contact sales

A billable operation is an API call or push delivery attempt.


  1. API calls that work on multiple tasks are accounted for as multiple billable operations; e.g. one list request fetching 25 tasks is charged as 25 billable operations.

  2. For pricing purposes, tasks are chunked by size (32KB). For example, adding a task of 96KB to a queue produces 3 billable operations, so it is billed the same way as adding 3 separate tasks under 32KB each to the queue. This holds true for all other API calls and push delivery attempts.

  3. Every API call is at least one billable operation, including ListTasks requests that return no tasks.

  4. When using HTTP Targets tasks, regular network costs apply.

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