Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL Pricing

PostgreSQL pricing

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL pricing is composed of the following charges:

Instance pricing

Instance pricing for Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL applies only to shared-core instances. Dedicated-core instances are charged by the number of cores and amount of memory they have.

US Europe Asia (Taiwan) Asia (Japan)
Shared-Core Machine Type Virtual CPUs RAM (GB) Maximum Storage Capacity Price ($/hour) Sustained Use Price ($/hour)
db-f1-micro Shared 0.6 3,062 GB
db-g1-small Shared 1.7 3,062 GB

CPU and memory pricing

For dedicated-core instances, you choose the number of CPUs and the amount of memory you want.

US Europe Asia (Taiwan) Asia (Japan)
  Price ($/hour) Sustained Use Price ($/hour)

Storage and networking pricing

The following storage and networking prices apply to PostgreSQL instances.

US Europe Asia (Taiwan) Asia (Japan)
Network Ingress to Cloud SQL: Free
Note: Egress charges may apply on the source. For example, egress from Google Compute Engine is charged at the external IP addresses rate.

Egress from Cloud SQL: See Network Egress Pricing

Network Egress Pricing

When network traffic leaves a Google Cloud SQL instance, the charge applied depends on the destination of the traffic, and in some cases, whether a partner is involved.

Internet egress is network traffic leaving a Cloud SQL instance to a client that is not a Google product, such as using a local server to read data from Cloud SQL.

Destination Price
Google Compute Engine instances Within the same region: free
Between regions within North America: $0.12/GB
Between regions outside of North America: $0.12/GB
Google Products (except Google Compute Engine) Intra-continental: free
Inter-continental: $0.12/GB
Internet egress using Google Cloud Interconnect $0.05/GB
Internet egress (not using Google Cloud Interconnect) $0.19/GB

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