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Business intelligence at Google scale

Make your data easily accessible, readily available, and most importantly, useful to your business with the Google Cloud BI solution — a comprehensive suite of data integration, transformation, analysis, visualization, and reporting tools from Google and our technology partners. The Google Cloud BI solution is centered around Google BigQuery, our fully-managed cloud data warehouse, so your BI can effortlessly scale on demand.

Realize self-service BI with choice and flexibility

Ensure your BI solution meets everyone where they are and grows with them. The Google Cloud BI solution’s tight integrations between BigQuery, Google Data Studio, and Sheets, and partnerships with familiar BI and ETL vendors translates to choice and flexibility. Use either Cloud Dataflow or a partner tool to ingest any type of data for analysis, then choose how you derive insights. Perform simple calculations in Sheets, visual analytics in Data Studio or a partner tool, or run a complex SQL query in the BigQuery UI. Finally, consumption-based or flat-rate pricing flexibility in BigQuery combined with Data Studio’s free licensing translates to real savings.

Visualize and explore data, your way

Turn your data into compelling visuals with out-of-the-box, community-built, or your own custom visualizations. Once ready for distribution, drop them into your dashboards, reports, or data stories and get blazing fast insights when they’re connected to BigQuery, Google’s massively-parallel analytics data warehouse. BigQuery runs on the same infrastructure as all of Google so you can explore and visualize data at a scale not possible with legacy data warehouses.

Create a collaborative, data-driven culture

Activate data insights at all levels in your business to promote a pervasive and collaborative data culture. With Data Studio’s sharing model built on Google Drive, teams can instantly start collaborating in real time, accelerated by a gallery of pre-built report templates. Interactive data stories that inspire action are a breeze to create and publish by anyone. Besides embedding dashboards and reports into internal apps or websites, developers can securely embed analytics into their customer-facing apps.

Empower your team with predictive analytics

Empower analysts fluent in SQL to seamlessly transition from descriptive to predictive analytics. Using Cloud Dataprep, you can visually prepare your data for ML projects. With BigQuery MLBETA you can use familiar SQL to build and train machine learning models over large data sets in BigQuery without needing to move it. Further empowering those with SQL fluency, BigQuery GISBETA provides support for geospatial data types and functions within BigQuery. You can now analyze and operate on any data with spatial attributes and easily visualize results on a map.

Google Cloud BI Solution architecture

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We knew data was a big part of making decisions in the future. So we needed a platform that could scale to meet our growing appetite for it. Google Cloud Platform — in particular Google BigQuery — was ideal for this task.

Nikunj Shanti, Chief Data and Digital Officer, AirAsia

Industry recognition

Forrester Research names Google Cloud a leader in Insight PaaS


Google Cloud has been named as a leader in the Forrester Wave™: Insight Platforms-as-a-Service, Q3 2017, receiving the highest score among all evaluated vendors in both the current offerings and strategy categories.

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Your analytical data infrastructure matters

“Google is a Technology Leader in the Customer Experience Model and an Overall Leader in the Vendor Credibility Model. It is best in class for product completeness of functionality and reliability of technology. It has a perfect recommend score.”

2018 Wisdom of Crowds® Analytical Data Infrastructure Market Study, Dresner Advisory Services

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Our customers


Thanks to the accessible, easy-to-use dashboards in Data Studio, Genesys turned data into an important part of the company’s culture.

World Surf League

With BigQuery as their scalable, on-demand analytics engine, World Surf League can ask highly sophisticated questions of its data.

Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine

GCP and Tableau provide Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine with the analytics power they need to help improve care for millions of people.


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