Discount Exclusions

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Last modified: July 15, 2020

Google excludes certain SKUs from discount eligibility because they may conflict with other discounts, cover a subscription or bundle of other SKUs that may themselves be discounted, are for third-party offerings, or represent products that Google has not yet integrated into our discounting programs or systems.

Discount Exclusions:

  • Any SKU for purchasing a dollar-based subscription or committed use discount (resource-based Compute Engine committed use discounts are eligible for discounts)
  • Any SKU whose fee is a percentage of other spend (e.g., Premium Support Variable Fee (E4F5-0256-E0EE))
  • Bare Metal Solution
  • Calling rate card (G Suite or Google Voice)
  • Fees for SAP and Data and Analytics bundles that are listed at
  • Google Cloud Marketplace offerings
  • Pre-general availability offerings
  • Third-party services