Anthos Service Mesh pricing

Pricing for non-Anthos customers

Anthos Service Mesh is available for free until June 2021. Once billing begins, Anthos Service Mesh will cost $0.50 per client per month and gives you access to telemetry, dashboards, and Mesh CA.

Anthos Service Mesh clients include:

  • Google Kubernetes Engine: Anthos Service Mesh enabled Pod instances

If a deployment has more than one replica running (for example, if a service has scaled to 3 instances), each instance is billed at the billable rate.

Pricing for Anthos customers

Anthos customers are not billed separately for Anthos Service Mesh because it is already included in the Anthos pricing.

Alternatively, a pay-as-you-go billing option is available for Anthos on Google Cloud only. For more information, see the Anthos Pricing guide.

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