Secret Manager pricing

This document explains Secret Manager pricing details. You can also use the Google Cloud Pricing Calculator to estimate the cost of using Secret Manager.

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

Pricing overview

Secret Manager pricing is based on access secret version operations and active secret versions.

Billable item Price per month
Active secret versions $0.06 per version per location
Destroyed secret versions Free
Access operations $0.03 per 10,000 operations
Management operations Free
Rotation Notifications $0.05 per rotation

As part of the Google Cloud Free Tier, Secret Manager provides resources that are free to use up to specific limits. These usage limits are available both during and after the free trial period. If you are no longer in the free trial period, usage beyond these Always Free limits is charged according to the pricing table above.

Resource Monthly free usage limits1
Active secret versions 6 versions
Access operations 10,000 operations
Rotation Notifications 3 rotations

1Monthly free usage limits are aggregated across projects by billing account and reset every month; you are billed only for usage past the monthly free usage limits.


  1. A secret version is "active" when it's in any of these states:

    • Enabled
    • Disabled
  2. Secret Manager bills monthly for the number of active secret versions per location. This is based on actual consumption. If you had a secret version that was active for only 2 days, you would be billed proportional to that usage, and not for the whole month.

    An automatic replication policy is billed as a single location.

  3. Secret Manager bills access secret version operations per 10,000 operations. This is based on actual consumption. If your project performed 25,000 operations, you would be billed for 2.5 times 10,000 operations.

  4. Secret Manager bills for every SECRET_ROTATE message sent to a Pub/Sub topic. You will be billed once for every rotation occurrence. Verify that your Pub/Sub topics are configured correctly.

  5. Secret Manager does not bill for management operations including creating secrets, destroying secrets, or changing the state of secret versions.

Example pricing calculation

In this example, we show a hypothetical scenario to better illustrate Secret Manager billing.

Suppose you have an account with the following secret usage in a given month:

  • 10 secrets with a user-managed replication policy into 3 locations, each having 5 active secret versions, for a total of 150 active secret versions.

  • 10 secrets with an automatic replication policy each having 10 active secret versions, for a total of 100 secret versions.

  • 10 secrets with an automatic replication policy each having zero active secret versions, sending 5 rotation notifications each.

  • 50,000 requests to access secrets.

Your bill for the month would be calculated as follows:

  • 150 active secret versions, 6 secret versions are free.

    • Billing total: 144 active secret versions at $0.06: $8.64.
  • 100 active secret versions at $0.06: $6.00.

  • 10 secrets with 5 rotation notifications, 3 rotation notifications are free.

    • Billing total: 10 secrets with 2 rotation notifications each at $0.05 per notification: $1.00.
  • 50,000 requests to access secrets, 10,000 access requests are free.

    • Billing total: 40,000 access requests at $0.03 per 10,000 operations: $0.12.

Total for this pricing example: $15.76

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