This document explains Cloud Scheduler pricing details. You can also use the Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator to estimate the cost of using Cloud Scheduler.

Pricing overview

Cloud Scheduler pricing is based on the job. A Cloud Scheduler job defines a single activity scheduled to run at a frequency provided in the definition.

The actual running of a job is called an execution. A job is not billed for individual executions. For instance, if a single job is defined to run for "every day of the month", then that job is billed $0.1/month and not $3/month for 30 executions of that single job.

Free quota

Each Google account gets 3 jobs per month free. Note that the free tier is measured at the account level not the project level. For example, if your account has 5 projects with 2 jobs each, you will have 3 free jobs and 7 paid jobs.

Pricing table

Job cost Free tier
$0.10 per job per month 3 free jobs per month, per account

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