Go on Google Cloud Platform

The programming language of the cloud meets the best cloud platform

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Coding Go on Google Cloud Platform

Designed with the help of the Go team at Google, Google Cloud Platform is the best place to build and run Go applications. It provides all the features you need to get started coding right out of the box.

It starts with Cloud Console, which gives your team a rich view of all your resources. Cloud SDK for Linux, macOS and Windows with autocomplete lets you easily make fine-grained changes and automate management tasks. Cloud Shell provides a rich Linux shell right from your web browser, with Go, Docker and Git pre-installed, and Google Cloud Source Repositories brings private, scalable Git repositories to every developer on every project.

Design and deploy robust APIs

GCP provides the tools you need to develop, deploy, protect and monitor your Go APIs. Cloud Endpoints provides tools, libraries, and a rich control panel for your API backend, all while making service-to-service authentication as easy as possible -- and is available for hosting services on Compute Engine and on Kubernetes Engine. Both Go and Cloud Endpoints work easily with gRPC, the highly performant API serialization and transport standard from Google.

Automate container management

Google Cloud Platform provides everything you need to build robust services built on containers. Google Container Registry can build lean container images directly from Go source and store them in a highly available registry service. Google Kubernetes Engine, our fully managed, hosted version of Kubernetes, makes it easy to deploy and run complex container based solutions at scale.

Tools to find, diagnose, and fix complex issues

Go on GCP integrates with Stackdriver Monitoring, Trace, Logging and Error Reporting. These tools allow you to effortlessly and transparently instrument live production applications to rapidly diagnose performance bottlenecks and software bugs.

Build and manage your apps the way you want

Google Cloud Platform gives you a range of options for building applications. App Engine lets you get coding immediately in Go and instantly deploy and scale your app on the Cloud. Compute Engine provides a complete virtual-machine based environment for managing your applications for ultimate control and flexibility.


Hand-crafted Go Libraries
Open-source libraries hand-crafted for popular GCP APIs.
Go Tutorials
Hands-on tutorials to guide you towards success with your important cloud tasks.
App Logging
Easily log data from within your apps and query for issues in real-time using StackDriver Logging. Export logs to BigQuery for powerful custom analysis.
System Monitoring
Reports VM CPU utilization and memory, pagefile, and volume usage.
API Tracing
Track how requests propagate through your application and receive detailed, near real-time performance insights.
Error Reporting
Report errors with a line of code and see them in the StackDriver Error Handling dashboard in real-time.
Container Build Steps
Build lean and efficient Go images directly from your laptop or a git repository using Google Container Builder. Capture full audit logs of every image built.
Powerful API Management
Develop, deploy, protect and monitor your Go APIs with Google Cloud Endpoints. An NGINX-based proxy and distributed architecture give unparalleled performance and scalability.
Cloud Debugger
With early access to Cloud Debugger for Go, you can try out GCP’s debugging features without slowing down your apps or affecting end users.

Monitor your resources on the go

Get the Google Cloud Console app to help you manage your projects.