Google Genomics charges for data storage. Loading and exporting genomic data are free of charge.

Each Google Genomics project can use a fixed quantity of resources for free, defined by a set of quotas.If you need more resources, you can enable billing and link to a credit card or bank account for automatic billing, or contact sales to sign a commercial agreement for offline billing. A bill is sent out at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s usage.

Prices are effective Oct 1, 2014.

Other cloud resources, like Compute Engine VMs, Google Cloud Storage, and BigQuery, are billed at the standard rates.

Resource billing rates

Resource Unit Unit cost (in US$)
Genomics storage* Gigabytes per month $0.022
If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

* For example, a 30x human whole genome sequence will be billed at around $25 per year. A typical 100 GB BAM file imported into the reads API will be measured as roughly 100 GB of data. Genomics storage is based on a standardized compression ratio of the input data, in order to avoid variability caused by differences in the compression of input files