Pricing and Quotas

Google Cloud Endpoints will be available free of charge until February 28, 2017. Effective on March 1, 2017, the following charges will be applied.

API calls per month per billing account Cost per Million API calls
0-2M $0.00
2M+ $3.00

Cloud Endpoints charges via its calls to Google Service Control. Each API call processed by the Extensible Service Proxy or the Endpoints Frameworks will be reported as a Tracked Operation via the Service Control API and you will see the line item for Service Control on your bill.


This section describes the Google Service Control's quota limits. Fill out a Service Control API Quota Request to increase the quota limits.

Request rate limits

A rate limit of 1,000,000 quota units per 100 seconds per service producer project is enforced by default. One quota unit is consumed for each call to services.check and for each operation reported via

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