Document AI Warehouse pricing

This document explains Document AI Warehouse pricing details.

Pricing of Document AI Warehouse is based on two consumption metrics, and is listed in the following table:

  • Number of documents indexed over time (storage metric of "document-hours," tiered as shown in the following table)
  • Number of search document API calls made

List price tiers

Document-month (storage) tiers List price
($/thousand document-months)
Equivalent price in document-hours
($/million document-hours)
0-1M document-months $10.00 $13.70
1-10M documents-months $2.00 $2.74
10-50M documents-months $1.00 $1.37
50M+ documents-months Call account team Call account team
search API calls/month $2/thousand search API calls $2/thousand search API calls

Pricing examples and prorating

Documents price is metered and prorated every two hours, as demonstrated by these two examples of cost estimates:

  • Monthly consumption: 1.5M documents + 1M search API calls
    • Cost estimate is 1000 * $10 + 500 * $2 + 1000 * $2 = $13k/month
  • Example of 2-hourly metering: If 2M documents are ingested for 20 days and 3 hours and deleted after this time, and 200k search API calls are made during the billing cycle, the consumption is 2M documents * (24 * 20 + 2) hours = 964M document-hours. The bill comprises two tiers of document-hours + search API costs:
    • Tier 1 (1M document-months or 730M document-hours at $13.7/M document-hour) = $13.7 * 730 = $10k
    • Tier 2 (964 - 730 = 234M document-hours @$2.74/M document-hour) = $2.74*$230 = $641.16
    • search API cost for 200k calls = $2 * 200 = $400
    • Total monthly bill = Tier 1 + Tier 2 + search API cost for 200k calls = $11,041.16
    • Note that only 482 (not 483) hours are metered and billed, because metering is done every 2 hours.

Support for free trials and POCs

  • To support free trials and proofs of concept (POCs), a free tier of $50 a month (until Dec 2023) is provided to all accounts provisioned with Document AI Warehouse. The free tier is worth a few thousand document-months and a few thousand search API calls a month.
  • This promotional credit is applied only once at the account level, and shared across all projects provisioned with Document AI Warehouse under the account.

Other pricing terms

  • Search API calls—Only the document (and folder) search calls are metered for billing. Other document and document schema management (create, get, delete, and update) API calls are not metered or billed.
  • Document form factor
    • One document is <=50K char index size and <=3MB blob size (approximately <20-25 pages) => for example, a document with 5MB blob size and 120kB index size is metered as three documents for pricing.
    • Folders are considered Documents and counted for billing metrics, because Folders have all the features that Documents have.
  • Tiers and metrics
    • Tiers are at the project level, not aggregated across multiple projects in an account. Multiple projects in an account are billed based on tiers consumed in each project.
    • Tiers are not aggregated across the monthly billing cycle. For example, 8 million documents stored in both Month 1 and Month 2 are billed at Tiers 1 and 2 (not aggregated to spill into the 10-50M document tier).
    • In most cases, document volume exceeds API call volume/month and document-months is typically the dominant cost. However, this ratio is customer application and consumption-specific.
  • Google Cloud discounts—Standard Google Cloud commit-based discounts authorized for CAIIS products are applicable to the list price of Document AI Warehouse. Check with your account manager for any clarification.
  • Resellers—This product can be sold by allow-listed and onboarded resellers. Typical Google Cloud reseller terms apply.


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