Document AI Warehouse pricing

This document explains Document AI Warehouse pricing details.

Pricing of Document AI Warehouse is based on two consumption metrics, and is listed in the following table:

  • Number of documents indexed over time (storage metric of "document-hours," tiered as shown in the following table)
  • Number of API calls made

List price tiers

Document-month (storage) tiers List price
($/thousand document-months)
Equivalent price in document-hours
($/million document-hours*)
0-1M document-months $10.00 $13.70
1-10M documents-months $2.00 $2.74
10-50M documents-months $1.00 $1.37
50M+ documents-months Call account team Call account team
API calls/month $2/thousand API calls $2/thousand API calls

*Assumes 730 hours/month

Pricing examples and prorating

Documents price is metered and prorated every two hours, as demonstrated by these two examples of cost estimates:

  • Monthly consumption: 1.5M documents + 1M API calls
    • Cost estimate is 1000 * $10 + 500 * $2 + 1000 * $2 = $13K/month
  • Example of 2-hourly metering: If 2M documents are ingested for 20 days and 3 hours and deleted after this time, and 200K API calls are made during the billing cycle, the consumption is 2M documents * (24 * 20 + 2) hours = 964M document-hours. The bill comprises two tiers of document-hours + API costs:
    • Tier 1 (1M document-months or 730M document-hours at $13.7/M document-hour) = $13.7 * 730 = $10K
    • Tier 2 (964 - 730 = 234M document-hours @$2.74/M document-hour) = $2.74*$230 = $641.16
    • API cost for 200K calls = $2 * 200 = $400
    • Total monthly bill = Tier 1 + Tier 2 + API cost for 200K calls = $11,041.16
    • Note that only 482 (not 483) hours are metered and billed, because metering is done every 2 hours.

Support for free trials and POCs

  • To support free trials and POCs, a free tier of $50/month (from July->Dec 2022) is provided to all accounts provisioned with Document AI Warehouse, which is worth a few thousand document-months and a few thousand API calls/month.
  • This promotional credit is applied only once at the account level, even if multiple instances of Document AI Warehouse are provisioned in multiple projects of the account.

Other pricing terms

  • API calls—The Document (and Folder) Read, Update, Delete, Search calls are metered for billing Admin APIs to configure Doc Schema. Notifications/Rules are not metered or billed. Document Create API is not metered or billed.
  • Document form factor
    • One document is <=50K char index size and <=3MB blob size (approximately <20-25 pages) => for example, a document with 5MB blob size and 120kB index size is metered as three documents for pricing.
    • Folders are considered Documents and counted for billing metrics, because Folders have all the features that Documents have.
  • Tiers and metrics
    • Tiers are at the project level, not aggregated across multiple projects in an account. Multiple projects in an account are billed based on tiers consumed in each project.
    • Tiers are not aggregated across the monthly billing cycle. For example, 8 million documents stored in both Month 1 and Month 2 are billed at Tiers 1 and 2 (not aggregated to spill into the 10-50M document tier).
    • In most cases, document volume exceeds API call volume/month and document-months is typically the dominant cost. However, this ratio is customer application and consumption-specific.
  • Google Cloud discounts—Standard Google Cloud commit-based discounts authorized for CAIIS products are applicable to the list price of Document AI Warehouse. Check with your account manager for any clarification.
  • Resellers—This product can be sold by allow-listed and onboarded resellers. Typical Google Cloud reseller terms apply.


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