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Common developer use cases

Technical documentation and videos to help you solve common developer problems and use cases on Google Cloud.

Host static content

Learn how to host a frontend application, a website, or other static content on Google Cloud:

Build applications and services

Learn how to host an application on Google Cloud by using virtual machines and containers:

Store data

Learn how to store and secure data on Google Cloud.

Manage infrastructure

Learn how to manage your apps and services in containers or as a group of virtual machine (VM) instances:

Optimize cloud operations

Learn how to build a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline:

Secure resources

Learn how to secure access to Google Cloud resources, applications, and services:

Monitor and log

Monitor and log data and events from common Google Cloud application components, on-premises systems, and hybrid cloud systems.

Manage billing and administration

Learn how to manage Google Cloud projects and invoices:

Analyze data

Learn how to ingest and analyze data on Google Cloud:

Train ML and AI models

Learn how to build, deploy, and scale machine learning (ML) models with pre-trained and custom tooling:

Use CLI tools

Learn how to use command-line tools and extensions with Google Cloud: