Abdel Sghiouar photograph

My Google specialities

  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Open Source Kubernetes
  • Containers
  • Service Mesh
  • Software Supply Chain Security

Let's connect

Abdel Sghiouar photograph

Abdel Sghiouar

(he / him)

Stockholm, Sweden

Language: English, French, Arabic

One thing about me

Outside of work I like to cook and eat food from all over the world. In a paralle universe and if didn't got to tech, I would probably would have been a pilot.


Abdel Sghiouar is a senior Cloud Native Developer Advocate. A co-host of the Kubernetes Podcast by Google and a CNCF Ambassador. His focused areas are GKE/Kubernetes, Service Mesh, and Serverless. Abdel started his career in Datacenter and Ifrastructure in Morocco, where he is originally from, before moving to Google's largest EU Datacenter in Belgium. Then in Sweden, he joined Google Cloud Professional Services and spent five years working with Google Cloud customers on architecting and designing large-scale distributed systems before turning to advocacy and community work.

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