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Database Migration Service pricing

Database Migration Service is offered at no additional charge for native migrations to Cloud SQL or AlloyDB for PostgreSQL:

Capability Base charges Notes
MySQL-native migration or replication to Cloud SQL for MySQL No additional charge 1,2,3
PostgreSQL-native migration or replication to Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL or AlloyDB for PostgreSQL No additional charge 1,2,3

Notes on migration pricing

All migrations

1. Cloud SQL pricing for MySQL, PostgreSQL and AlloyDB for PostgreSQL applies to Cloud SQL or AlloyDB for PostgreSQL instances created by a migration, and any network charges for migrations across Google Cloud regions.

2. Compute Engine VM pricing applies to usage of a virtual machine if created in the context of reverse-SSH connectivity setup.

Migrations from other platforms

3. There's no additional charge for network ingress from external source databases. However, costs can be incurred outside of Google such as platform egress charges.

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