Cloud SQL for MySQL pricing

This page contains information about pricing for Cloud SQL for MySQL.

MySQL pricing

Instance Pricing

Instance pricing for MySQL is charged for every second that the instance is running (the activation policy is set to ALWAYS). Cloud SQL uses seconds as the time unit multiplier for usage. This means that each second of usage counts toward a full billable minute. Milliseconds of usage are rounded to the nearest second. If usage is under half a second, (499ms or less), it rounds down to zero and does not count toward billable usage.

For example:

  • If you use an instance for 499ms, you are not billed for that second.
  • If you use an instance for 500ms or 1.49 seconds, in both cases, you are billed for 1 second.
  • If you use an instance for 1.5 seconds or 2.49 seconds, in both cases you are billed for 2 seconds.

The charge for usage also changes depending on the machine type you choose for the instance, and the region where the instance is located. Zones have no impact on the price.

In the following table:

  • Select your region from the dropdown menu to see the price for that region
  • Use the slider to choose Monthly or Hourly pricing
  • Find the machine type you want to use to view pricing details

Read replicas and failover replicas are charged at the same rate as stand-alone instances.

*Shared CPU machine types (db-f1-micro and db-g1-small) are not covered by the Cloud SQL SLA.

Storage and Networking Pricing

Storage and networking prices for MySQL instances depend on the region where the instance is located. Select your region from the dropdown on the pricing table.

Network Egress Pricing

When network traffic leaves a Cloud SQL instance, the charge applied depends on the destination of the traffic, and in some cases, whether a partner is involved.

Internet egress is network traffic leaving a Cloud SQL instance to a client that is not a Google product, such as using a local server to read data from Cloud SQL.

Destination Price
Compute Engine instances and Cloud SQL cross-region replicas Within the same region: free
Between regions within North America: $0.12/GB
Between regions outside of North America: $0.12/GB
Google Products (except Compute Engine and traffic to Cloud SQL cross-region replicas) Intra-continental: free
Inter-continental: $0.12/GB
Internet egress using Cloud Interconnect $0.05/GB
Internet egress (not using Cloud Interconnect) $0.19/GB
If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

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