Artifact Registry Pricing

This document explains Artifact Registry pricing details.

Pricing overview

The following charges apply to Artifact Registry:

Docker repositories
Effective April 15, 2020, Artifact Registry charges for storage and network egress for artifacts in Docker repositories.
Pre-release repositories
Package repositories are in alpha and are only available to alpha users. Storage and network egress is free during the alpha period.
Vulnerability scanning
If the Container Scanning API is enabled in either Artifact Registry or Container Registry, vulnerability scanning is turned on and billed for both products. For information about vulnerability scanning pricing, see the Container Analysis documentation.

You can use the Google Cloud Pricing Calculator to estimate the cost of using Artifact Registry.

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.


Storage costs apply to the at-rest storing of your artifacts in Artifact Registry repositories.

The following table shows the price for container image storage in a Docker repository:

Usage Price (per GB / month)
Up to 0.5 GB Free
Over 0.5 GB $0.10

The pricing is the same for both regional and multi-regional repositories.

Network egress

Network egress pricing is per GB delivered from Artifact Registry repositories. When network traffic leaves a repository, the charge depends on both the repository location and the destination of the traffic.

Internet egress is network traffic leaving a repository to a client that is not a Google product, such as using a local server that is downloading artifacts.

  • Internet egress charges are based on Premium tier pricing.
  • Egress to destinations within Google Cloud.

    Traffic type Examples Price per GB
    Data moves within the same location us-east1 to us-east1
    eu to eu
    Data moves from a repository in a region to a Google Cloud service in a multi-region, and both locations are on the same continent us-east1 to us Free
    Data moves from a repository in a multi-region to a Google Cloud service in a region, and both locations are on the same continent eu to eu-west1 Free
    Data moves between locations in US and Canada and none of the free traffic types apply us-east1 to northamerica-northeast1 $0.01
    Data moves between locations in Europe and none of the free traffic types apply europe-north1 to europe-west1 $0.02
    Data moves between locations in Asia and none of the free traffic types apply asia-east1 to asia-northeast1 $0.05
    Data moves between different continents and neither is Oceania us to asia
    eu-west1 to southamerica-east1
    Oceania to or from any region us to australia-southeast1
    australia-southeast1 to eu-west1

    Oceania includes Australia, New Zealand, and surrounding Pacific Ocean islands such as Papua New Guinea and Fiji. This region excludes Hawaii.

  • Egress traffic from a VPC network through an interconnect:

    Region Price per GB
    Asia (asia-east1, asia-east2, asia-northeast1, asia-northeast2, asia-northeast3, asia-south1, asia-southeast1) $0.042
    Europe (europe-north1, europe-west1, europe-west2, europe-west3, europe-west4, europe-west6) $0.02
    North America (northamerica-northeast1, us-central1, us-east1, us-east4, us-west1, us-west2, us-west3) $0.02
  • Egress to Google products (such as YouTube, Maps, and Drive) is free.

Network ingress

Network ingress is free.