Anthos charges apply to all managed Anthos clusters and are based on the number of Anthos cluster vCPUs, charged on an hourly basis. A bill is sent out at the end of each billing cycle, listing previous usage and charges.

The following price sheet shows Anthos charges. Prices are listed in U.S. dollars (USD). If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

Pay-as-you-go Subscription
Anthos on Google Cloud $30/vcpu/month Contact sales
Anthos Contact sales

Anthos on hybrid cloud offers subscription pricing only. Anthos on Google Cloud offers both pay-as-you-go and subscription pricing options. Pay-as-you-go pricing on Google Cloud takes effect starting August 1st 2020. To subscribe, please contact sales.

You may use up to 100 vCPUs per billing account per month of Anthos on Google Cloud for the purposes of testing (non-production) free of charge through July 31, 2020. If you want to use Anthos on Google Cloud for your production use cases during this period, please contact sales.

Included system logs

Your Anthos entitlement includes the collection and storage of system logs in Cloud Logging. Logs from the following components are included, and will not be added to your Cloud Logging bill.

Containerized system components

Logs from containerized system components in the following namespaces are included in your Anthos entitlement:

  • kube-system
  • istio-system
  • knative-serving
  • gke-system
  • config-management-system
  • gke-connect
  • monitoring-system
  • gatekeeper-system
  • cnrm-system

Non-containerized systemd services

  • docker
  • container-runtime / containerd
  • kubelet
  • kubelet-monitor
  • node-problem-detector
  • kube-container-runtime-monitor
  • node-journal
  • kube-node-installation
  • kube-node-configuration
  • kube-logrotate

Deployment option details

This table shows you the features provided with each Anthos deployment option. Both deployment options are included in the Anthos subscription. The Anthos on Google Cloud subscription includes deployment on Google Cloud only.

Components marked with an asterisk (*) are also available separately to non-Anthos customers.

Component Sub-component On-Premises On Google Cloud
Anthos GKE on Google Cloud* - Y
GKE usage Metering N Y
Node Autoprovisioning (GKE) N Y
Vertical Pod Autoscaler (GKE) N Y
Shielded GKE Nodes N Y
Application Layer Secrets Encryption N Y
GKE Sandbox N Y
Workload Identity for GKE N Y
Anthos GKE on-prem Y -
Network Plugin Y N
CSI & Hybrid Storage Y N
Authentication Plugin for Anthos Y N
Prometheus/Grafana Y N
Bundled L4 LB Y N
Anthos Service Mesh Y Y
Anthos Service Mesh Telemetry N Y
Anthos Service Security (Managed CA) N Y
Anthos Service Mesh Installed Mode Y Y
Anthos Config Management Y Y
Policy Controller Y Y
Config Connector Y Y
Cloud Run for Anthos Y Y
Cloud Build for Anthos N Y
Google Cloud Marketplace* (Anthos-badged applications) Y Y
Cloud Logging and Cloud Monitoring for system components Y Y
Ingress for Anthos N Y
Anthos UI & Dashboard Y Y
Migrate for Anthos* N Y
Binary Authorization N Y