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Security analytics and operations

Store and continuously analyze petabytes of security telemetry at a fixed price with minimal management overhead. Focus on threat detection and investigation, not maintaining infrastructure.


Rapidly detect and investigate security threats

Painless scalability

Get an elastic container for storing your enterprise security telemetry. Enjoy the benefits of massive scale without the management pain.

High-speed analytics

In a few clicks and at high speed, Chronicle can ingest, normalize, and index massive amounts of telemetry data and correlate it to known threats.

Intelligent identification

Our solution automatically makes the connection between user and machine identities, making it easy to see how an attack unfolded.

Key features

High volume security analytics for threat detection, investigation, and hunting

Intelligent data fusion

Get timelines and enriched data models for enhanced investigation and detection.

Modern threat detection

Identify threats with our advanced rules engine, built with the YARA-L language for defining complex threat behavior. 

Continuous IoC matching

Take advantage of continuous, retrospective analysis of telemetry and threat intelligence.

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