Anthos Service Mesh pricing

Anthos Service Mesh is available as part of Anthos or as a standalone offering on Google Cloud. Google APIs enabled on the project determine how you are billed. To use Anthos Service Mesh as a standalone service, don't enable the Anthos API on your project. If you want to use Anthos Service Mesh on-premises or on other clouds, you must subscribe to Anthos.

Pricing for non-Anthos customers

Pricing for Anthos Service Mesh as a standalone service is based on the number of clusters and the number of Anthos Service Mesh clients, including Anthos Service Mesh enabled Pod instances on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

If a deployment has more than one replica running, such as a service that has scaled to 3 instances, each instance is billed at the billable rate.

Anthos Service Mesh is available for free until October 2021. After billing begins:

  • Each Anthos Service Mesh-enabled GKE cluster accrues a flat fee of $0.07/hour per cluster, which includes 100 Anthos Service Mesh clients on that cluster or 72,000 client hours per cluster in a month. The flat fee per cluster for a month is approximately $50.

  • After the first 100 clients, each additional client is charged at $0.0006945 per hour, or approximately $0.50 per client per month.

The above fee is based on the cumulative time for which the clients run. Example: A fee of $0.0006945 is accrued if there are 4 GKE pods that run for 15 minutes each (after the first 72,000 client hours per month per cluster).

Anthos Service Mesh standalone pricing includes the following:

Pricing for Anthos customers

Anthos customers are not billed separately for Anthos Service Mesh because it is already included in the Anthos pricing.

Alternatively, a pay-as-you-go billing option is available for Anthos on Google Cloud only. For more information, see the Anthos Pricing guide.

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