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Schemaless access, with SQL-like querying

No need to worry about data models and migration. Cloud Datastore is a schemaless storage service that allows you to be agile by removing the need to think about the underlying structure of the data. Cloud Datastore provides a robust query engine that allows you to search for data across multiple properties and sort as needed.

Managed database

Cloud Datastore is fully managed. Google automatically handles sharding and replication in order to provide you with a highly available and consistent database.

Autoscale with your users

Cloud Datastore automatically scales depending on your needs. This allows you to focus on building your application and not on worrying about provisioning and load anticipation.

ACID transactions

Cloud Datastore provides ACID transactions using optimistic concurrency control. Your application can execute multiple datastore operations in a single transaction in which either all succeed or all fail, ensuring the integrity of your data.

Built-in redundancy

With a single API call, data is automatically replicated across multiple data centers. High availability and durability are built in from the very core.

Local development tools

With the Cloud Datastore Development Kit, you can develop, test and iterate your applications locally without doing full deployments.

Access your data from anywhere

Build solutions that span App Engine and Compute Engine, and rely on Cloud Datastore as the integration point. With the RESTful interface that is exposed by Cloud Datastore, data can easily be accessed by any deployment target.


The Fees and Free Tier for Google Cloud Datastore are the same as the datastore fees for App Engine which are detailed below. You should be aware that Cloud Datastore has a serving component that runs on Google App Engine, so there will be instance hour costs.

  Free quota per day Pricing if you exceed your free quota
Stored data 1 GB total limit $0.18 / GB / month
Write operations 50k $0.09/100k operations
Read operations 50k $0.06/100k operations
Small operations 50k $0.01/100k operations

Documentation & Resources

Cloud Datastore integrates well with other services in Cloud Platform. Read about how these integrations work. Find sample code, tutorials and helpful videos that will help you learn about the capabilities of Cloud Datastore and get you writing code right away.

Cloud Datastore Documentation


  • Overview of Google Cloud Datastore

    The Google Cloud Datastore provides a set of tools and client libraries for accessing and managing Google Cloud Datastore from clients running on Google Cloud Compute Engine instances or elsewhere. It provides an RPC-based API that is hosted by the same Google service that hosts Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Apps APIs. You can use it with most applications and languages, for example, with a node.js web app running in a virtual machine or an on-premise Java application server.

  • Activate Google Cloud Datastore

    The following describes how to activate the Google Cloud Datastore API, the quotas associated with this API, and how to enable billing. The activation process can vary based on your existing setup and environment.

  • Key Datastore Concepts

    The Datastore is a schemaless object datastore providing robust, scalable storage for your application, with the following features: no planned downtime, atomic transactions, high availability of reads and writes, strong consistency for reads and ancestor queries, and eventual consistency for all other queries.

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