We are introducing new pricing for Premium Tier and Standard Tier. This pricing takes effect as follows:

Network Service Tiers geolocations

Network Service Tiers pricing is applicable to outbound traffic from Google Cloud to the internet.

We are changing our current destination-based pricing for Premium Tier to be based on both source and destination of traffic because the cost of network traffic varies with the distance that your traffic travels over Google's network. In contrast, Standard Tier traffic is source-based because it does not travel much over Google's network.

Network Service Tiers categorizes all countries and continents into the following geolocations:

  • North America (NA)
  • South America (SA)
  • Europe (EU)
  • Middle East/Africa
  • Asia (excludes China)
  • China
  • Oceania (includes Australia and New Zealand)
  • Any: refers to any geolocation
  • Intercontinental: refers to traffic between two of the following: NA, EU, SA, Asia, Oceania, Middle East/Africa

Network Service Tiers geolocations (click to enlarge).
Network Service Tiers geolocations (click to enlarge)

Premium Tier pricing

Always Free usage limits apply to Premium Tier.

Ingress pricing is still free.

Premium Tier egress is priced at internet egress rates.

Standard Tier pricing

Egress pricing is per GiB delivered. Pricing is based on source geolocation of traffic. Ingress pricing is still free. Always Free usage limits do not apply to Standard Tier.

Standard Tier pricing took effect at beta and remains in effect.

Contact sales for pricing beyond 500 TB.

Using the Standard Tier or Premium Tier does not affect the price of IP addresses, instances, or forwarding rules. For the prices of these resources, see the Compute Engine pricing page.