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Mofi Rahman photograph

My Google specialities

  • Containers
  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Observability
  • Open Source Kubernetes

Let's connect

Mofi Rahman photograph

Mofi Rahman

(he / him)

New York City, USA

Language: Bengali, Hindi

One thing about me

Mofi is a huge board game fan. He hosts game nights weekly.


Mofizur Rahman (@moficodes) is a Developer Advocate at Google. His favorite programming language these days is Go. He also tinkers with Node, Python and Java. He is also learning and teaching in the Go, Kubernetes, Docker and Microservice community. He is a strong believer of the power of open source and importance of giving back to the community. He is a self proclaimed sticker collecting addict and has collected several box full of stickers with no signs of stopping. He can talk about board games for days. He writes tech blogs sometimes which can be found on

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