Google Cloud Armor pricing

This document explains Google Cloud Armor and Google Cloud Armor Managed Protection pricing details. This pricing is active.

Standard Tier Plus Tier
Billing model Pay as you go Subscription
Subscription price N/A $3,000/month (includes up to 100 protected resources)
Protected resources N/A $30/protected resource per month after initial 100
  • WAF requests
  • WAF security policies
  • WAF rules
  • $0.75 per million requests
  • $5 per policy per month
  • $1 per rule per month
All included
Data processing fee None Yes; see the following section.
Time commitment None One year
Google Cloud Armor bot management Billed in accordance with the reCAPTCHA Enterprise pricing model Billed in accordance with the reCAPTCHA Enterprise pricing model

Protected resources include the following backend types in each enrolled project; the backends are counted as protected resources for all covered endpoint and load balancer types in the enrolled project.

Endpoint type Protected resource (backend type)
HTTP(S) Load Balancing Backend service
Backend bucket
External SSL Proxy Load Balancing Backend service
External TCP Proxy Load Balancing Backend service
External TCP/UDP Network Load Balancing
  • Backend service (regional)
  • Target pool
  • Target instance
  • VM with public IP address

Data processing fee

The Managed Protection Plus data processing fee meters the data egressed to the internet from all protected resources for every project that is enrolled in Managed Protection Plus. The data processing fee is billed at the billing account level, aggregating usage across all protected resources in all projects enrolled in Managed Protection Plus.

Prices are per GB egressed to the internet directly or through Carrier Peering, and are in addition to other network egress fees. For example, for workloads behind a supported Google Cloud load balancer, the data processing fee meters the bits egressed to the internet through the enrolled load balancer endpoints but does not meter the associated inter-region or inter-zone traffic by the underlying workload. The charge is $0.05 per GB egressed for the first 100 TB and $0.04 per GB for the next 400 TB. If the content being served is using Cloud CDN and is considered cacheable, then the data processing fee for Cloud CDN is applied for that content. The following table contains complete pricing.

TBs egressed Cloud Load Balancing, internet, and Carrier Peering Cloud CDN Cloud DNS
0-100 $0.05 $0.025 Included
101-500 $0.04 $0.020 Included
501-1000 $0.03 $0.015 Included
1001+ Contact account team $0.010 Included

If a backend service has a Google Cloud Armor security policy associated with it, you can use the custom headers feature with that backend service without any additional charge for the custom headers feature.

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Google Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

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