Cloud HPC Toolkit costs

There is no additional cost for using Cloud HPC Toolkit. You will only incur charges for any billable Google Cloud resources that are used by your HPC cluster. You can review the aspects of your billing reports that are directly tied to your HPC cluster from the Google Cloud console.

View billing report

Cloud HPC Toolkit applies labels to resources which allows you to quickly filter billing reports. This makes it easy to analyze costs associated with your deployments.


To get the permission that you need to view billing details, ask your administrator to grant you the Billing Account Viewer (roles/billing.viewer) IAM role on your project. For more information about granting roles, see Manage access.

This predefined role contains the billing.accounts.getSpendingInformation permission, which is required to view billing details. You might also be able to get this permission with custom roles or other predefined roles.

View report

To view the Cloud Billing reports, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Google Cloud Console, go to the Billings page.

    Go to Billings

  2. If you have multiple billing accounts, click the name of the Cloud Billing account for which you'd like to view reports.

  3. From the Billing navigation menu, on the left-hand navigation bar, select Reports. The Filters window opens.

  4. From the Filters window, expand Labels. For the key:value pair, you can specify any of the following parameters:

    • Filter by deployment
      • key: ghpc_deployment
      • value: the name of your deployment
    • Filter by blueprints
      • key: ghpc_blueprint
      • value: the name of your blueprint
    • Filter by role
      • key: ghpc_role
      • value: the specific component such as computeor network