View BigQuery ML model evaluations

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The Vertex AI Model Registry includes tooling to view and compare model versions and evaluate model performance. When you register a BigQuery ML model to the Vertex AI Model Registry, you can view evaluations for classification or regression metrics to help you determine the performance of your models. These metrics are automatically synced to Vertex AI Model Registry from BigQuery ML.

To learn more about evaluations in Vertex AI, see Model evaluation in Vertex AI.

To learn more about BigQuery ML evaluate metrics, see BigQuery ML ML Model Evaluation Overview.


To get started, you need to follow the prerequisites in the Vertex AI Model Registry model evaluation documentation.

View BigQuery ML model evaluations


  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Vertex AI Models page.

  2. Navigate to the BigQuery ML model version.

  3. View metrics in the Evaluate tab.

Compare evaluation metrics

You can only compare models of the same type, BigQuery ML this includes classification and regression metrics. To compare different models, they must be the same type. To learn more about comparing your BigQuery ML models, see Compare evaluation metrics.

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