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BigQuery Data Transfer Service run notifications

This page provides an overview of run notifications for the BigQuery Data Transfer Service.


There are two types of run notifications you can configure for the BigQuery Data Transfer Service:

  • Pub/Sub notifications: machine-readable notifications sent when a transfer run succeeds or fails
  • Email notifications: human-readable notifications sent when a transfer run fails

You can configure each type individually, or you can use both Pub/Sub and email run notifications.

Pub/Sub notifications

Pub/Sub notifications send information about transfer runs to a Pub/Sub topic. Pub/Sub notifications are triggered by completed transfer runs in the following states:


You can send notifications to any Pub/Sub topic in any project for which you have sufficient permissions. Once received by the Pub/Sub topic, the resulting message can be sent to any number of subscribers to the topic.

Before you begin

Before configuring Pub/Sub transfer run notifications, you should:

  1. Enable the Pub/Sub API for the project that will receive notifications.

    Enable the API

  2. Have sufficient permissions on the project that will receive notifications:

    • If you own the project that will receive notifications, you most likely have the necessary permission.

    • If you plan to create topics for receiving notifications, you should have pubsub.topics.create permissions.

    • Whether you plan to use new or existing topics, you should have pubsub.topics.getIamPolicy and pubsub.topics.setIamPolicy permissions. If you create a topic, you typically have permission for it already. The following predefined IAM role has both pubsub.topics.getIamPolicy and pubsub.topics.setIamPolicy permissions: pubsub.admin. See Pub/Sub access control for more information.

  3. Have an existing Pub/Sub topic that you wish to send notifications to.

Notification format

Notifications sent to the Pub/Sub topic consist of two parts:

  • Attributes: A set of key:value pairs describing the event.
  • Payload: A string that contains the metadata of the changed object.


Attributes are key:value pairs contained in all notifications sent by BigQuery Data Transfer Service to your Pub/Sub topic. Notifications always contain the following set of key:value pairs, regardless of the notification's payload:

Attribute name Example Description
eventType TRANSFER_RUN_FINISHED The type of event that has just occurred. TRANSFER_RUN_FINISHED is the only possible value.
payloadFormat JSON_API_V1 The format of the object payload. JSON_API_V1 is the only possible value.


The payload is a string that contains the metadata of the transfer run. The type of payload is not configurable at this time and is provided to accommodate future API version changes.

Payload type Description
JSON_API_V1 The payload will be a UTF-8 JSON-serialized string containing the resource representation of a TransferRun.

Email notifications

Email notifications send human-readable email messages when a transfer run fails. These messages are sent to the user who set up the transfer. The messages are not configurable.

If other users should receive transfer run email notifications, set up email forwarding rules to distribute the messages. If you are using Gmail, you can Automatically forward Gmail messages to another account.

The email notification is sent by the BigQuery Data Transfer Service and contains details on the transfer configuration, the transfer run, and a link to the run history for the failed run. For example:

To: user_who_set_up_transfer
Title: BigQuery Data Transfer Service — Transfer Run Failure —

Transfer Configuration
Display Name: display_name
Source: data_source
Destination: project_id

Run Summary
Run: run_name
Schedule Time: schedule_time
Run Time: run_time
View Run History

Google LLC 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043

This email was sent because you indicated you are willing to receive Run
Notifications from the BigQuery Data Transfer Service. If you do not wish to
receive such emails in the future, click View Transfer Configuration and
un-check the "Send E-mail Notifications" option.

Turn on notifications

You can turn on notifications by:


  • In the Notification options section of the BigQuery console:
  • Click the toggle to enable email notifications. When you enable this option, the transfer administrator receives an email notification when a transfer run fails.
  • For Select a Pub/Sub topic, choose your topic name or click Create a topic. This option configures Pub/Sub run notifications for your transfer.


Before trying this sample, follow the Java setup instructions in the BigQuery quickstart using client libraries. For more information, see the BigQuery Java API reference documentation.

import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Map;

// Sample to get run notification
public class RunNotification {

  public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
    // TODO(developer): Replace these variables before running the sample.
    final String projectId = "MY_PROJECT_ID";
    final String datasetId = "MY_DATASET_ID";
    final String pubsubTopicName = "MY_TOPIC_NAME";
    final String query =
        "SELECT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() as current_time, @run_time as intended_run_time, "
            + "@run_date as intended_run_date, 17 as some_integer";
    Map<String, Value> params = new HashMap<>();
    params.put("query", Value.newBuilder().setStringValue(query).build());
    params.put("write_disposition", Value.newBuilder().setStringValue("WRITE_TRUNCATE").build());
    params.put("partitioning_field", Value.newBuilder().build());
    TransferConfig transferConfig =
            .setDisplayName("Your Scheduled Query Name")
            .setSchedule("every 24 hours")
    runNotification(projectId, transferConfig);

  public static void runNotification(String projectId, TransferConfig transferConfig)
      throws IOException {
    try (DataTransferServiceClient dataTransferServiceClient = DataTransferServiceClient.create()) {
      ProjectName parent = ProjectName.of(projectId);
      CreateTransferConfigRequest request =
      TransferConfig config = dataTransferServiceClient.createTransferConfig(request);
          "\nScheduled query with run notification created successfully :" + config.getName());
    } catch (ApiException ex) {
      System.out.print("\nScheduled query with run notification was not created." + ex.toString());


Before trying this sample, follow the Python setup instructions in the BigQuery quickstart using client libraries. For more information, see the BigQuery Python API reference documentation.

transfer_config_name = "projects/1234/locations/us/transferConfigs/abcd"
pubsub_topic = "projects/PROJECT-ID/topics/TOPIC-ID"
from import bigquery_datatransfer
from google.protobuf import field_mask_pb2

transfer_client = bigquery_datatransfer.DataTransferServiceClient()

transfer_config = bigquery_datatransfer.TransferConfig(name=transfer_config_name)
transfer_config.notification_pubsub_topic = pubsub_topic
update_mask = field_mask_pb2.FieldMask(paths=["notification_pubsub_topic"])

transfer_config = transfer_client.update_transfer_config(
    {"transfer_config": transfer_config, "update_mask": update_mask}

print(f"Updated config: '{}'")
print(f"Notification Pub/Sub topic: '{transfer_config.notification_pubsub_topic}'")

Run notification pricing

If you configure Pub/Sub run notifications, you will incur Pub/Sub charges. For more information, see the Pub/Sub Pricing page.

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