Reserving BI Engine capacity

When you use BigQuery BI Engine, your charges are based on the BI Engine capacity you purchased for your project. There are two ways to purchase BI Engine capacity:

You purchase BI Engine capacity by creating a reservation. The reservation is attached to a project you identify when the reservation is created. BI Engine uses this capacity to determine how much data can be cached. For more information about the maximum reservation size for BI Engine, see Quotas and limits.

When you define your data source connection in Data Studio, BI Engine uses the table and columns you configure to determine what data to cache. BI Engine only caches the columns you add to your report.

Creating a reservation

To reserve on-demand BI Engine capacity:

  1. In the Cloud console, under Administration go to the BI Engine page.

    Go to the BI Engine page

  2. Click Create reservation.

  3. On the Create reservation page, for Step 1:

    • Verify your project name.
    • Choose your location. The location should match the location of the datasets you are querying.
    • Adjust the slider to the amount of memory capacity you're reserving. The following example sets the capacity to 2 GB. The current maximum is 100 GB.

      BI Engine capacity location

  4. Click Next.

  5. For Step 2, review your reservation details, and then click Create.

After you confirm your reservation, the details are displayed on the Reservations page.

Confirmed reservation

Deleting a reservation

To delete a capacity reservation:

  1. In the Cloud console, under Administration go to the BI Engine page.

    Go to the BI Engine page

  2. In the Reservations section, locate your reservation.

  3. In the Actions column, click the icon to the right of your reservation and choose Delete.

  4. In the Confirm reservation removal dialog, enter REMOVE and then click Proceed.

When you delete all capacity reservations in a project, BI Engine is disabled for that project.

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